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The JustRace systems promote and encourage fair and competitive racing. No more wreckers. No more empty servers. Simply choose your favourite sim, track and car and get racing.

About Wolf Pack Racing

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Seeks to offer competitive & casual racing that’s fun & commitment free. We take racing seriously & help drivers improve their awareness & racecraft and we review incidents so we can have clean racing.

The Wolf Pack seeks to offer competitive & casual racing that’s fun and commitment free. But make no mistake; casual doesn't mean we don't take our racing seriously. We enforce using tools to improve your awareness, we review incidents and guide members on how to improve their racecraft so that we can all race as closely as possible.


We propose:

  • Casual events in Euro Truck Simulator 2, AMS2 and iRacing
  • Open Championship in RaceRoom, ACC, iRacing and a Dirt 2.0 Rally Championship
  • Please join our Wolf Pack Racing Discord with over 600+ racers to signup and join races within the community.